It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Bonita, one of our Haven Animal Rescue Program dogs, who gave such great joy to the residents and staff at Brevillier Village. We will miss you very much.

The Haven program has a wide variety of rescue animals living here at Brevillier Village as pets for our residents. We have cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, fish and an African Grey parrot. As an effort to make Brevillier Village more like a home, these pets have essentially free reign of the village and provide relaxation and entertainment not just for the people who live here but for those who work here too.

The Haven Program is run 100% on donations and doesn’t use any funds from Brevillier Village to cover their expenses. The program costs about $10,000 a year for food, vet bills, toys and medications. You can donate to the program here:¬†